Cocktail Classes

A fun cocktail class teaching 3 different cocktails finished with bottle flipping flair show!

Professional cocktail bar tender, cocktail equipment and ingredients are all provided.

We are mobile so can come to you anywere in the Melbourne area.


Fire and Flair Bartending Shows

Flair bartending shows and fire shows are all available.

Shows are all choreographed with the option of single or tandem acts.

Perfect for corporate or private events and guaranteed to be the highlight of the night.

Cocktail Bartender and Cocktail Flair Bartender Hire

Mixologist hire and amazing cocktail flair bartenders.

Perfect for all types of events to make great drinks and bring the life to the party.



Bartender Training

We offer bar technique training to up skill bartenders of any level.

We specialise in flair bartending and craft bartending training. Feel free to contact us for information on the next up coming workshops in your area.


Our latest event mixing drinks with flair and bit of fire for the lovely people at Maker Fine Coffee.